Spray Oils


COMMON NAME: White oil. COMPOSITION: 80% white paraffinic oil, 20% stabilizers.  PROPERTIES: Emulsion is of medium stability according to mode of action (excessive stability might cause less activity). USES: To prevent certain virus diseases on melon,watermelon, cucumber and peppers. To be sprayed at the rate of 1% every 5 days as post emergence in order to prevent […]

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COMPOSITION:   80% white paraffinic oil.  PROPERTIES: 80% winter oil, 20% stabilizers.  USES:  Breaking dormancy of deciduous trees. To be sprayed 2 weeks before blooming in subtropical countries in which winter temperature can not provide sufficient cold stress.  

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COMMON NAME: White oil  COMPOSITION: 99.5% NR oil. Formulation type: E.C.  PROPERTIES:  Clear oil solution.   USES: To be used as adjuvant to insecticides and herbicides in all crops. Can be used as is for the control of scales in citrus and red spider mite in citrus. Adopaz can be used together with Vertimor (Agrimor Abamectin).

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Pest 33

COMPOSITION:   Mixture of extract of essential oils and S.L.S.  PROPERTIES:   Yellowish to amber  soap like liquid.  USES:  P.E.S.T.33 formulation mixes readily with water, and controls a wide spectrum  of insects, mites and nematodes on trees, shrubs, foliage plants, fruit and nut trees , flowers and spice crops.  P.E.S.T. 33 can be applied as a foliar or […]

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COMPOSITION:   Maragosa oil and natural plant extracts, type of formulation E.C. PROPERTIES:  Dark brownish viscous liquid.  USES:  AGRIMOR STOP has been developed as a safe and eco-friendly pesticide to protect a variety of crops for a wide range of pests. Especially designed for the organic agriculture.It will prevent also plant deseases such as powdery mildew […]

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COMMON NAME: White oil. COMPOSITION: 88% white paraffinic oil, 10% D-limonene 2% emulsifires & stabilizers.  PROPERTIES: Emulsifible concentrate of mineral oil synergisted withD-limonene registered for both conventinal and organic agriculture. USES: For the control of citrus pests- black scale, red scale, Mussel scale, pest causing sooty mould, Florida wax scale and California scale, black spider mite, rust […]

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