Veterinary Products


COMMON NAME: Alfamethrin  CHEMICAL NAME:  a -Cypermethrin  PROPERTIES: Pure isomers, colorless crystals. TYpe of formulation W.P. and E.C.  USES: Wide range insecticide, particularly lepidoptera in cotton, fruit, and vegetables. Also for hickory shuckworm, yellow and black pecan aphid, pecan nut caseborer, pecan weevil in pecans; beet armyworm, cabbage looper, alfalfa looper in lettuce; cotton bollworm, tobacco […]

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COMMON NAME: Bromadiolone  CHEMICAL NAME: 3-[3-[4′-Bromo – (1,1′-bisphenyl) – 4 – yl]-3 – hydroxy – 1-phenylpropyl] – 4- hydroxy-2H-1 – benzopyran-2 – one. PROPERTIES: White odorless powder.Formulation 0.05% be used for the production of rat killer bait, either wax blocks or cereals bait.  USES: Concentrates used in preparation of rodent baits. Is used […]

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